Pushing Barriers is a not for profit association with the primary objective being to advance and improve the lives and welfare of refugee youth by providing them with opportunities and funding to be included and welcomed into Australian culture and society through sport.

Q: What sports do the Pushing Barriers participants play?

Football (soccer), Netball, Basketball, Volleyball.

Q: From what countries do Pushing Barriers families come from?

Sudan, Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka

Q: Are there eligibility criteria to be supported by Pushing Barriers?

Yes.  Support is offered to young people ages 12-18yrs that have come into Australia on a Humanitarian Visa.

Q: Are there different levels of support?

Yes. The Program manager will determine the level of support after meeting with the parent /carer of the participant.

Q: Where do most of the participants live that are supported by Pushing Barriers?

Most of our players are from Brisbane’s west and south.

Q: How does Pushing Barriers receive funding?

Government Grants

Private Donors