About us

Pushing Barriers is a not for profit charity with the primary objective being to advance and improve the lives and welfare of refugee youth by providing them with opportunities and funding to be included and welcomed into Australian culture and society through sport.

Pushing Barriers does this by:

1.Ā Providing financial relief by partnering with sporting clubs to cover the costs of club fees, uniforms and equipment.

2. Providing transport to and from sporting events and training as required, though a well-coordinated volunteer driver team.

3. Encouraging and facilitating participation in a sport of an individualā€™s choice at the club level in the local community and further participation at district and or higher levels if the opportunity arises.

4. Providing opportunities for refugee youth to meet with positive role models who are aligned with Pushing Barriers’ values to motivate , inspire and support them both in their sporting endeavours and as they seek to be included and welcomed into wider Australian society.

5. Encouraging and educating about the need for diversity, inclusion and acceptance within the sporting community.